Living in Canada

To build a new life in Canada, you need to plan. With our partners in China and Canada, we can help you build your integration plan in four easy steps, more..

Working in Canada

To find your first job in Canada that matches your profession requires a career transition plan. With more than 400 employer partners across the country, we can help, more…

 Service Channels 

With over 40 years of experience serving immigrants, we are ready to provide our services to help pave the way for your successful transition to Canada, more…

Lessons learned the hard way

Learn from others who came before you to Canada, and who shared their stories and experience so that you learn from their experience, more…

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Events and Seminars

aug - 27 9:00 am Beijing time, Interview Skills and Techniques

 Imagine you were offered an online job interview now, what would you do next? Do you know what kind of questions you should expect and how to answer them? To get the answers and much more register here

aug -30  8:00 pm Beijing time, Schooling for Your Child: Ontario
Do you know that there is no country-wide centralized education system in Ontario ? Do you know how to register your child to the school? To get the answers and much more register here
aug - 31 8:00 pm Beijing time, CPA Designation (Chartered Professional Accountant)
If you are coming to Canada and you are planning to work as an accountant, this workshop is for you, register here
sep - 2 9:00 pm Beijing time, Overview of Canada & Plan Your Arrival
This workshop will give you a general idea about Canada’s geography and climate. Also will let you know the important tasks you need to complete prior to departure, register here to attend