Living in Canada

To build a new life in Canada, you need to plan. With our partners in China and Canada, we can help you build your integration plan in four easy steps, more..

Working in Canada

To find your first job in Canada that matches your profession requires a career transition plan. With more than 400 employer partners across the country, we can help, more…

 Service Channels 

With over 40 years of experience serving immigrants, we are ready to provide our services to help pave the way for your successful transition to Canada, more…

Lessons learned the hard way

Learn from others who came before you to Canada, and who shared their stories and experience so that you learn from their experience, more…

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Events and Seminars

dec-14 9:00 pm Beijing Time, 魁北克省的教育Schooling in Quebec

您想了解魁省的教育体系吗?您想了解魁省特有的法语教育系统吗? 新移民怎么帮助孩子选择学校,选择欢迎班?…..To get the answers and much more register here

dec-15 9:00 pm Beijing Time, 加拿大交通事故如何应变 自保 和理赔?How to Handle Traffic Accidents?

初来乍到,您熟悉加拿大的交通规则吗?意外随时可能发生!面对突发状况,您知道如何应对吗?…..To get the answers and much more register here

dec-16 9:00 pm Beijing Time,在萨省买房租房Buying / Renting Housing in Saskatchewan

想知道在萨省买房的基本程序和注意事项吗?地产经纪有什么责任和义务?房东和租客分别承担什么责任和义务?…..To get the answers and much more register here